On "Round Midnight" and other Spheres.
A look at what a nightclub is, has been, and might become in order to stop being a threat to the survival of love and great music.
If smiles are open parentheticals John Coltrane’s is where I’d like to travel—a borderless crescent slivering with ecstatic grief and troubled abandon.…
On controversy as liberation and the musicians who exploit it.
On the use of Earth Wind and Fire's "Reasons" in the film Killer of Sheep.
Notes on live recordings and liveness and living archives
It was such a scandal in the 1960s, to come from the black future and bend time to its will. Albert Ayler’s sound was a scandalous sunset on the wester…
On Abbey Lincoln's version of "Love for Sale"
On Actress and how we act out our subconscious expectations
A poem for my father on his birthday
The Mingus sections from a 1964 Jazz roundtable, because I love him
Shirley Ann Lee's Someday