I’m working on my version of the American songbook that will evolve into a memoir through song called Love is War for Miles. This is where I come to work out the textures of that project and also to offer music writing that inspires me and defies some of the market-driven timing required by legacy media publications who cover music. We need music writing that is not inextricably aligned with just-released music products, writing that accomplishes deeper contextualizing work which makes it worthy of the music it’s covering. I believe in deep listening as a portal to all kinds of renewal and understanding, and this is where I’ll stretch out and write about what I hear when I hear a song, a voice, an echo, a phrase, a movement style that is also an acoustic sensation, etcetera. As I expand this publication, I’ll also interview and profile some of my favorite musicians here. Ultimately, I’ll expand it to a part-digital, part-print music publication that enlists myself and other writers with these interests and a vast knowledge of music alongside a steady listening practice, in the task of writing about music without pandering to the biases of the music industry.

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Music writing that is not restricted by the demands, wishes, and timelines of the music industry. Writing, not advertising. Love, not a battle of the brands.